There are very few things that are more embarrassing than publicly sharing your vast and deep knowledge on a subject only to discover that you simply don’t know what you thought you did. Have you ever been there? I have.

I have shared instruction on how to sing like an expert after having one voice class in college years beforehand. (A class that, I might add, really plummeted my GPA!) But I was certain I had the information that was correct on how to vocalize and project only to find out, when someone quoted me to an expert, that I really did not.

These displays of false knowledge (or should I say fake news? ) are embarrassing but not really damaging. However, there is a false knowledge that many of us flagrantly dispatch that is disastrous…disastrous to our relationships, our communities, and worst of all, to Christianity.

It is the certainty with which we post and platform our “facts” about other’s decisions during times like these. (more…)